Country Profile: China



China is a single party state which governed by the Communist Party of China. Also, it is the most population country in the world with about 1.3billion citizens and it is the world’s second-largest country. Moreover, it has over 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four directly controlled municipalities, and two mostly self-governing special administrative regions (SARs), Hong Kong and Macau.

Political History

The political system of China is much decentralized and it’s limited democratic processes internal to the party and at local village level. Also, the corruption in China is a serious problem; in fact most of the politician has joined those illegal activities to get money from public. However, there has some movement toward political liberalization and it opens the contest elections to the village and town levels. In recent year, China government has focus more on against corruption activities and become partly capitalism.

Women current situation

As China has dominated the world economy but it do quite poor on the human development side, the ranking of the HDI Index rank just 83 which shows that China government has not put much effort on social side and the human right in China is very low. Female in China receive low right, especially in poverty-stricken rural areas. As women have participated little in decision making, with only 12.5 per cent of rural cadres being women, few women have received training and benefits from village- level poverty reduction program. In some case, 11.2 % of women who become pregnant will lost their job and more than 20% will cut the salary by their boss.
Nowadays, education level of women has now increased. China government has to offer compulsory education to 95 percent of girls and the illiteracy rate of female young adults will be reduced to below 2 percent. However, there are a bit different from rural area to urban area, which the gender inequality is more serious in rural area in China.