Cuba Statistics - Women Current Situation

Productive Job

Cuba is one of the 10 lowest unemployment rates in the World and the total unemployment rate is 1.8%. As Cuba is a communist state and the government has control over its labor market and guaranteeing work for all citizen. Moreover, 78% of jobs in Cuba are in the public sector which mean there has less private business.

Career for women
Nowadays, Cuba in women can easily find a job in their country. Before the Cuban revolution women made up less than 20% of the workforce. Today women in Cuba comprise 44% of the labor force. However, Cuba government has set a law to protect women right such as give right for them to manage their own financial affair and women in Cuba can gain qualification for work mainly as teachers, secretaries and nurses. While education and nursing is now a popular careers among women, with 72% of teachers and educational workers being women which means women in Cuba now is well educated than before and it proves women is essential for Cuba society. Here is a chart to show that women who involve in Professional and technical career are much more than men, the ratio is 6:4.


Today, women play an important role in Cuba and here are those careers that women involved in:
- 66.1% of all professionals and technicians
- 51% of all doctors
- 43% of scientists
- 33.1%of mangers
- 70% of bank employees

Working condition of women
Women in Cuba can share the equal rights to men such as equal pay, job security, holiday entitlement, working condition and training. To compare with others Latin American countries, the right of Cuba women is high. According to the research done by World Food Programme, woman and girls make up seven out of ten of poor people whose jobs are poorly paid working condition and low employment rights in Latin America.

Also, Cuba has the only one country has set a legislation which protects working mothers, including those in informal employment and with the legal mechanisms for making the laws effective. To protect working mother in Cuba, government has provided child care services for them at very low cost. For the vulnerable group of women in Cuba, each province and municipality has a Women’s Labour Commission to help them to get a job and also help them to find a job outside the state sector. However, Cuba government has done well on raising women rights and giving them opportunity (get a job) to contribute the society.

Education and skills


Education in Cuba is divided into two stages, one is school education which students between the ages of 6 and 16have to compulsorily or forced to attend school and one is higher education and there are 48 universities in Cuba. Before 1959, the education level of women is low because many families do not have enough ability to afford the school fees to pay for their children to study and always give the first priority to sons rather than daughter.

After the Cuban revolution, female is able to get more chance to study because the society emphasis on the creation based on the principle of social justice, and it makes the social phenomenal change in the educational aspect and it gives more opportunities for women to gain the academic achievements. Here is a chart to show the enrollment of education for both female and male, the ratio of female enroll in education is high which means the problem of gender inequality (Education) in Cuba is not serious.

As a result, women are now more well educated than men, which can be seen from the figures below:
- 49.5% of graduates with higher degrees are women
- 62.5% of all university students are women
- Over 70% of Social Sciences, Humanities, Medical Sciences are women

Reason makes women achieve higher education level

After 1959, most of the schools in Cuba are co-educational and it emphasis the equal status of women and all the school in Cuba are based on three concepts:

- Promote and increase the awareness of young people the importance of equal opportunities

- To eliminate the traditional stereotype of women by using image of women to show their equality with men

- To ensure male and female has equal changes of joining courses at all levels

However, women in Cuba can achieve higher level in education and to rectify male imbalances, Cuba government has set some special quotas for men on some degree courses, such as Medicine. Also, higher education background for women is essential for them to get a good job.