Country Profile : Cuba



Cuba is a communism and developing country in the Caribbean Sea and Cuba government has spend high investment in education but little freedom for their citizen .Moreover, health care in Cuba has improved after the revolution which made their life expectancy become longer than before. Also, the security of Cuba is low, it has less nuclear power generation and the economy is mainly affected by America.

Political History

In early century, the relationship between Cuba and America was rigid and deteriorated substantially (cold war) because Cuban has a revolution in 1959 to against the power of American in Cuba to control their economic and political over the island. Also, America has totally controlled the foreign investment, import and export of Cuba with no agreement and reasons; it made a strong influence on Cuban political affairs. Nowadays, the president of Cuba - Raul Castro has changed Cuba from communism to partly capitalism, he accepted some citizen in Cuba can own their private business and encouraged them to self-employ, which is a breakthrough in Cuba history.

Social development - Gender inequality


The gender inequality of Cuba has significant changes after the Cuban revolution. Before the revolution the role of most women has existed rigid stereotypes and division of role between the sexes in home and society. The unquestioned role of women in Cuba was homemaker in a family and head by their husband or partner, which the social status was low. Also, women has received few rights and given minimal support by the police and the legal establishment. They had to spend their whole life to contribute their family.
Nowadays, the social status of women in Cuba has increased. They have seen a fundamental transformation in almost every aspect of their lives such as deserved higher education level. Moreover, they have more opportunities to contribute the society after the revolution since Cuba government has set a low to ensure women to apply for jobs on an equal footing with men in all areas of employment. Also, women can enjoy the identical right to men such as equal pay, working conditions, pension rights and training. Today, women have got involved in political area which proved that the social status of women in Cuba is now increased and nearly equal to men.