Dominican Republic Statistics - Women Current Situation

Educational Attainment

Gender equality seems to apply in education aspect in Dominican Republic. According to the 2010 Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum, the literacy rate and the education level among women is petty high, and even higher than Dominican men. The literacy rate of both men and women is 88% and the enrolment in primary education is both 80%, while the enrolment in secondary and tertiary education of women is 63% and 41% compare with 52% and 26% of men.

In fact, the educational attainment of women in Dominican Republic is continuously gets higher and higher in these years. According to the 2010 Global Gender Gap Report by the World Economic Forum, the enrolment in primary, secondary, tertiary education is remains a high level from 2006 to 2010. The overall education level of women in Dominican Republic is competitive high, the majority gain chance of studying while the average year of schooling is 6.9 years.

Economic Participation and Opportunity


Women in Dominican Republic seem to have a high level of education, but they are limited in economic participation and opportunity. The labor force participation of women in 2010 is only 55%, compare with 84% men labor force participation, it is much lower. At the same time, the female unemployment rate is 25%, while unemployment rate of men is 9%, especially in the youth ages between 15 and 24, a double of female (44.5%) over male (21.2%) in 2007. The figures reflect the problem of job insufficiency among women is serious in Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, the wage equality for similar work of female-to-male ratio is only 0.66, which means there is an inequality of wages among gender in Dominican Republic, in normal situation women receive about only half of men wages for a similar job. Although Dominican women share half of the seat of professional and technical workers (51%), they are hard to be legislators, senior officials, managers, (31%) or even politicians. In Dominican Republic, the percentage of women in parliament and ministerial positions is just 17% and 9%, compare with 83% and 91% of men political empowerment, women had almost no say in political parties and this situation seem not be improved these years.