Sierra Leone Analysis

Generally speaking, Sierra Leone has suffered from severe gender inequality in both education and employment aspects. As the description part showed how big differences in male and female participation within education and job, even though both of these two aspects were gradually increased, there are still a big problem in gender inequality. According to government‘s policy making, rising of women’s participation of primary, secondary and tertiary level, which also leading to the increasing labor force of women. However, in Sierra Leone, the situation seems to be difference, even though the education has gradually been raised, participation of job in women has still remained unchanged. There are other factors affected the participation of women, such as civil war, the corrupted government and the norms of society.

Because I am a girl: In the shadow of war (Sierra Leone)

Reasons for low participation of women

Civil War

One of the reasons in Sierra Leone still suffered from severe gender inequality is the effect of civil war. During the 1991 to 2002 civil war, led people in Sierra Leone faced an unforgettable memory, especially women. According to Africa Renewal, “Sexual violence, an 'invisible war crime' Sierra Leone Truth Commission condemns abuse, discrimination” written by Nirit Ben-Ari and Ernest Harsch, the author pointed out women were being raped and suffered from violence during the war. After being raped, women couldn’t find job because of discrimination by the society. According to IRIN, “SIERRA LEONE: Impunity in rape cases thrives”22 June 2010, “Rape was rampant during the 1991-2002 civil war and has continued in peacetime. In 2007 the government passed legislation that made violent or sexual abuse of women – including within marriage – a criminal act, but law enforcement and social services organizations struggle to implement the law.” Civil war made women in Sierra Leone lost their job opportunities and they still lived in darkness without job and support for the government.


Corruption of Government & Social Norms

Another reason for lacking participation of women is the corruption of government. As raped cases in Sierra Leone were still occurred and this led women being discriminated by society, thus, they couldn’t find job. Government‘s support is an important factor directly affect the whole participation of women. As government tried to pass legislation for attacking violent or sexual abuse of women, however, the law enforcement didn’t work. The government hasn’t got any power to do so, so the problem of lacking participation of women was remained unchanged. We also find that the traditional social norms were one of the reasons leading women couldn’t participate more in jobs. In Sierra Leone, men are used to be more powerful than women in employment. Men usually have more opportunities to gain a formal job, whether women only can find some informal jobs to do, such as toilet cleaner. Besides, Women usually stay at home rather than having a job outside, this traditional social norm in Sierra Leone was directly affecting their participation in job.

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